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Regional policy actors

The six regional growth fora in North Jutland Region, Central Denmark Region, Region of Southern Denmark, Region Zealand, Capital Region of Denmark, and on the island of Bornholm are the pivotal points of regional growth initiatives in Denmark.

The growth fora bring together representatives of the Danish partnership, such as the business community, knowledge and educational establishments, the labour market parties as well as local and regional authorities - actors with a first-hand knowledge of the challenges of the business community and the regional conditions for growth.

On a national level, the Danish Growth Council acts as a central government institution. The Danish Growth Council consists of representatives from firms, business organisations, knowledge institutions, municipalities, Regional Growth Fora, and the social partners.




The danish growth council
  • To ensure coherence between national and regional growth efforts
  • To launch initiatives that will implement the national growth policy at regional level
  • To be consulted regarding regional growth and development strategies



Regional Growth Fora




  • To set up and provide secretarial service for the growth fora
  • Contribute to the regional growth and development strategy on topics such as business and growth - including efforts made for fringe areas
  • Business service
  • To draw up regional growth and development strategies
  • To monitor growth conditions at regional and local level - also including fringe areas
  • To launch and finance business development activities
  • To co-finance growth and development activities
  • To recommend co-financing to the region
  • Cross-municipal business cooperation
  • To recommend structural assistance
  • To cooperate with growth fora