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Projects in Denmark

Find examples of various projects from the Danish Structural Funds period.

Smart Innovation

Budding Food Experiences

Growth-stimulating Incubation Periods for SME's

Folk High School as a Shortcut to Education

See all projects in Denmark in an interactive map (in Danish)

Download a list of all projects in a spreadsheet (csv)


EU Structural Funds 2014 - 2020

Denmark i scheduled to receive DKK 4.1 billion divided between the Regional Development Fund and the Social Fund during the period 2014 - 2020 (current prices).

Read more about the anticipated allocation of funds under the national programmes 


The six regional growth fora in North Jutland Region, Central Denmark Region, Region of Southern Denmark, Region Zealand, Capital Region of Denmark, and on the island of Bornholm are the pivotal points of regional growth initiatives in Denmark.

Read more about how regional policy is organized in Denmark