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Foto: Virksomheds medarbejder

National Pool

Approximately 7.5 per cent of the Regional Development Fund and the Social Fund are reserved for a national pool of Structural Funds which is implemented on a central level.

Every year, after a hearing of the Danish Growth Council, the Minister for Business makes an announcement of themes applicable for the national pool. The Danish Business Authority is managing the national pool, and decisions on funding are taken by the director of the Danish Business Authority. The themes as well as application deadlines etc. are regularly announced here on our website.

For the whole period 2014-2020, there is a total of approx. DKK 216 million available for trans-regional projects. This is for example projects based on the growth plans or the Baltic Sea strategy. Through the national pool, the government has the possibility to initiate projects of interest in several regions, and the government will be able to cooperate with growth fora through financial contributions.

A part of the means must be used for activities in the Region of Zealand. These means must be used within the framework of the new Regional Development Fund and the Social Fund.