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EU Structural Funds 2007-2013

In the period 2007-2013, the funds helped to strengthen regional competitiveness and employment everywhere in Denmark and, consequently, contributed to achieving the common European objectives of the Lisbon strategy.

Regional competitiveness and employment

The structural resources supplemented national efforts for growth, business development and employment on the basis of i.a. the Danish Government's globalisation strategy, and they supported the regional business development strategies. The overall strategic application of the structural resources in the period is described in the national strategic framework of reference.

The programmes regarding the European Regional Development Fund, Innovation and knowledge, and the European Social Fund, More and Better Jobs, respectively, established the specific framework for the implementation of projects in Denmark with support from the EU Structural Funds. The programmes fall within the common European goal regarding regional competitiveness and employment, including the whole of Denmark in geographical terms.

Territorial cooperation

Denmark also participates in programmes under the common European goal regarding territorial cooperation under the Regional Fund. The programmes under the goal regarding territorial cooperation come within the following three types of cooperation:

  • Cross-border cooperation. Denmark participates in two Danish-German programmes as well as a Danish-Swedish-Norwegian programme and a Southern Baltic programme.
  • Transnational cooperation. Denmark participates in the North Sea programme and the Baltic Sea programme.
  • Interregional cooperation. These programmes include the whole of the EU.