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The EU makes Zealand greener

The company Dansk Celleglas, located in Næstved, is part of the project “Ressource City”, which is part of the overall project “Mærk Næstved – bæredygtig grøn byudvikling med innovative affaldsløsninger og reduction af energiforbruget i Næstved”.

The project has received DKK 6.3 million from the EU Regional Development Fund, which will contribute to sustainable, green urban development in the municipality.

Through the project, Dansk Celleglas has developed a sustainable material that can improve the insulation of the municipality's district heating pipes.

Dansk Celleglas has developed the insulation material Durapor, which among other things consists of recycled jam jars and wine bottles. During the project, the company has tested the new material on the municipality's district heating pipes, and the results are good. Actually, Durapor can reduce heat loss by up to 50 per cent.

Today, the heat loss on district heating in Næstved Municipality is approximately 18 per cent. This means that every time the citizens pay DKK 100,000 for district heating, DKK 18,000 disappears directly into the ground. With the new and sustainable insulation material, Dansk Celleglas thus saves both the citizens money and contributes to an improved CO₂ accounts in the municipality.

You can read more about the development at Dansk Celleglas in the article on our website (Danish).