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The EU makes Northern Jutland greener

The transport company Aalborg Vognmandsforretning is located in Nørresundby north of Aalborg. At first, truck transport does not exactly rhyme with sustainable development, but actually, Aalborg Vognmandsforretning works determinedly with green transition.

In 2019, the company was contacted by “Netværk for bæredygtig Erhvervsudvikling i Norddanmark”. Through the project “Bæredygtig vækst gennem energi- og ressourceeffektive SMV’er”, which has received funding of DKK 11 million from the EU Regional Development Fund, the network offered the company help with preparing a green business plan. The project participation really started the green transition at Aalborg Vognmandsforretning. E.g. today, the company's trucks run on HVO diesel – a particularly environmentally friendly diesel, which reduces the trucks' CO₂ emissions by up to 90 per cent.

During the project, Aalborg Vognmandsforretning also realised that the company can contribute to increased recycling of residual concrete. Today, many companies recycle residual concrete, which is crushed and used in, e.g., road surfaces. But at Aalborg Vognmandsforretning, they have taken the step further. Through the project, the company was able to crush residual concrete so that it retains its characteristics and can be used directly in the existing concrete production. This is good for the environment.