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The EU makes Funen greener

Close to Faaborg on South Funen, the company PA Savværk is located. The family-owned company produces floors and works with what the company itself describes as "the world's most sustainable material”, namely wood.

The production at PA Savværk has worked with sustainability for a long time. The company cuts down trees in the local area and processes them at the factory right next door. Local production is sustainable because long transport is minimised. But the green ambitions at PA Savværk are even greater. Therefore, the company approached the project “Øget vækst gennem cirkulære forretningsmodeller i SMV’er”, which is funded with DKK 15.4 million from the EU Regional Development Fund.

Through the project, PA Savvæk received help for a thorough green transition. This meant that the company could get the crucial cradle-to-cradle certification much faster than planned. The certification states that sustainability is thought into the entire business, not just parts of it. Today, e.g., the sawmill produces 100 per cent green electricity, and new opportunities for material savings and reducing water consumption in the production are constantly monitored.

You can read more about the development at PA Savværk in the article on our website (Danish).