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The EU makes Bornholm greener

In Svaneke on Bornholm, Pernille Bülow's glassblowing factory is located. From the outside, the store looks like one of Bornholm's many other shops with handicraft products, but Pernille's products are not like everyone else's: The production has a special focus on green and circular economy.

Pernille Bülow has worked with sustainability in her production for many years. But it was only when the company participated in the project “Bæredygtig Bundlinje Bornholm”, which is funded with DKK 8 million from the EU Regional Development Fund that there was a serious shift in the green transition.

During the project, Pernille Bülow received help to reorganise the production. The reorganisation means that the glassblowing company today recycles waste glass from insulin tubes. And this shows on the CO₂ emissions. Pernille Bülow expects a drop of as much as 46-65 per cent per kilo glass.

The green transition contributes positively to the business in several ways. For the work with recycled glass, the glassblowing company has invested in new furnaces, and at the same time, the company has doubled the number of employees from nine to 18 in just one year.

“The best thing about the project is that we have been educated. Now we know what we emit and how we can emit less CO₂ – for the benefit of the climate and the environment," Pernille Bülow says.

You can read more about the development at Pernille Bülow in the article on our website (Danish).