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Regional Business Policy

The Danish government, the Danish Board of Business Development and the regional and local parties in Denmark share the task of creating the best foundation possible for growth and business development all over the country. The initiatives of the government are often aimed at improving the overall framework for the growth conditions of companies, while the efforts of the Board and the decentral operators focus on the special challenges and possibilities of each region or local area.


In order to obtain the best possible effect of the joint efforts, it is important that the various parties agree on the direction of the initiatives for business development and growth. This calls for special attention on specific business strengths and growth potentials, both relating to exports and in the creation of jobs within Denmark. The Danish Board of Business Development is responsible for the decentralised initiatives for growth and development including a joint strategy for the decentralised business promotion in all of Denmark.

The Danish Operational Programmes for the ESF and the ERDF as well as the Partnership Agreement is available on request. Please send your request to: de@erst.dk.