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Cross-border and transnational programmes

Read about the allocation of funds on cross-border and transnational programmes.

Cross-border Programmes

The cross-border and transnational measures consist of several programmes focussing on growth-oriented cooperation between Denmark and its neighbouring countries.

The cross-border measures aim at promoting an integrated, regional development between border regions in at least two countries.

The programmes focus on:

  • Innovation
  • Research and Development
  • Green economy, e.g. the transfer to low emission of CO2
  • Climate changes and risk management
  • Environment and resource efficiency
  • Job creation, e.g. the support of labour mobility

Cross-border cooperation is organized in the programmes:

  • Interreg Deutchland-Danmark – a Danish-German programme
  • Interreg Østersund-Kattegat-Skagerak – a Danish-Swedish-Norwegian programme
  • Interreg South Baltic Programme – a cooperation between Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden

Transnational Programmes

The transnational cooperation programmes cover large transnational areas. Denmark participates in two programmes, both focusing on innovation, research and development and environment:

  • The Baltic Sea Region Programme – with the participation of all countries by the Baltic sea
  • The North Sea Regional Programme – for countries by the North Sea

Furthermore, the Interregional cooperation programmes aim at improving the efficiency of the regional policies by promoting cooperation between regions across the whole union.

The cooperation is organized in the programme INTERREG EUROPE.


Box 1: Expected allocation of funds on cross-border and transnational programmes for 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 respectively (current prices).

Programmes with Danish participation


Million DKK annually average

2007-2013 (current prices)

Million DKK annually average

2014-2020 (current prices)

Cross-border programmes 92 113
One Danish-German programme (two programmes in 2007-2013) 36 48
One Danish-Swedish-Norwegian programme 54 62
One South-Baltic Sea programme 2 3
Transnational programmes 18 36
One Baltic Sea programme 11 21
One North Sea programme 7 15
Total 110 149

You can read more about the cross-border and transnational programmes on the specific websites of each programme: