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Business promotion initiatives

In terms of substance, the regional business policy focuses on the sources of growth, such as entrepreneurship, education and innovation. Several analyses indicate that especially these action areas are, to an increasing extent, the drivers behind growth in the knowledge economy.

At government level the overall framework for education, research and innovation, taxes and entrepreneurship are established. However, it is at regional and local levels that the framework is to be implemented, and the growth conditions are to be translated into reality for enterprises. Especially the framework for areas such as education, entrepreneurship and innovation and can make an impact at regional and local levels. Regional efforts are thus important for the whole of society's adjustment process towards globalisation.

In a number of areas, the regional actors therefore play an important role in promoting growth conditions on a regional level. This applies in particular to the knowledge and educational area and in connection with the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, where the overall framework is to be adjusted to and targeted at regional needs and challenges.

In addition to the focus on innovation, education and entrepreneurship a special effort is made in relation to social inclusion and fringe areas which are also considerable parts of the working field of the regional growth fora.