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Application and financing

A large number of efforts targeted at growth and business development are supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF).

During the current programming period from 2014 to 2020, and the two programmes allocate a total of approximately DKK 440 million annually. The initiatives funded are within the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, education and job creation. In addition to the EU means, funding will be provided by regional, local and central government as well as private actors and independent institutions, as EU funding must be co-financed 100 per cent by Danish funds.


The targeting of the structural resources also opens up new perspectives for using the resources actively to help consolidate the EU-2020 strategy at regional and local levels.

The Danish Business Authority is the Managing Authority for both ERDF and ESF. A joint Monitoring Committee is established to monitor both funds, and the Danish Business Authority holds the presidency of the committee

The Danish Business Authority receives recommendations for projects to be funded by the Danish Board of Business Development. The Danish Business Authority controls the legality of the recommendations, issues approvals and rejections, and manages the daily case handling of the projects. It has to make sure that projects do not receive double-financing, but that funding streams are instead complementary. During the period 2007-2013, several projects have consisted of both an ERDF and an ESF contribution.


Application process

Before you apply for EU funding, it is important to study the possibilities carefully.

During the period 2014-2020, the Regional Development Fund and the Social Fund invest approx. 3 billion DKK in the priorities innovation, entrepreneurship, green transition, education and job creation.

You can read more about the priority axes and the specific conditions for applying in the programmes. The Danish Operational Programmes for the ESF and the ERDF as well as the Partnership Agreement is available on request. Please send your request to: de@erst.dk.

Once you have studied the possibilities for EU funding for your project, it would be useful to discuss your project idea with the secretariat for the Danish Executive Board for Business Development and Growth, before you proceed. We therefore recommend that you contact the secretariat in order to discuss your idea.

Secretariat for the Danish Board of Business Development
Danish Business Authority
Vejlsøvej 29
DK-8600 Silkeborg

Telephone: +45 35 29 17 00

Email: DE@erst.dk


Please notice that you have no guarantee of receiving a subsidy for your project, even though it fulfils all the requirements for EU funding.


Application is written and submitted

Before you apply, you must have thought out a plan of how the investment in your project should result in concrete effects. Please examine tips on how to write a good project application and study the application scheme below. A good project application starts with a thoroughly prepared project idea, and it is very important to consider all the central elements of the project, before you apply.

When your project idea is thought through, and you have made a chain of effects, you are ready to fill in the application scheme. The scheme is sent directly to us, and we will send a receipt to inform you that the application is received.

Please pay special attention to the exact start date of your project. In the receipt from us, you can see the date, from which it is possible for you to include expenses in the project accounts, in case your application for EU funding is approved. Please notice that if you start up very early, you take the risk of having to cover all expenses yourself, in case your application is not approved by the Board. You can expect to be asked to supply additional information about your application.


Application is processed

The Danish Board of Business Development decides if your project will receive an EU subsidy. For applications under the funds for sustainable urban development, it is the Danish Business Authority which make the decision.

After receiving your application, we control that the project comply with the law and is within the frame work of the programmes and the application round in question.

You will often see that we ask for additional information about your project.

After the initial review and control by the secretariat, the Danish Executive Board processes your application. When the Board has made a decision, you will receive an answer- if your project is recommended for an EU subsidy or is rejected.

Please be aware that an EU subsidy is not finally granted until you have received a letter of approval from us.

Once your project is approved, you will be invited to a start-up meeting with us.